Keynote Speaker

Dr. Polke states that just as the human body needs food and water for existence so too does the human spirit need inspiration, motivation and humor for its survival. As we ascend Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs complexity increases and prevails. Whether that be eradicating “stinkin’ thinkin’” or “Monday Blues” or just “stagnate doldrums” no disease is too challenging for the Good Doctor. Why not deliver exactly what the Good Doctor prescribes as well as hear it straight from the”horse’s mouth”. When it comes to healing what is ailing your group there is no one better trained and equipped than best-selling author Dr. Kenneth j Polke to excise the demons with his true-to-life stories and experiences . Allow Dr. Polke to “CONQUER YOUR group’s ADVERSITIES” whether the audience is 10 or 10,000 with his custom-made message that will both inspire and entertain.

Dr. Polke delivers never-before-heard, true-to-life stories as epitomized in his book vs. canned, rehashed, repackaged stories with nothing more than a fresh coat of paint and a new ribbon bow. His life-lessons learned from a mob-infested neighborhood and life-lessons learned from playing in the NFL multiplied by those lessons learned while becoming an entrepreneurial doctor are refreshing and longed-for by an audience’s ears. See, Dr. Polke knows that audiences to do not want to be “preached to” nor do they want to be “taught” anything…… but rather audiences wish to be uplifted by true-to-life experiences where the “underdog” has ultimately paid the price and persevered. This opens the flood gates for them to follow their dreams. And more importantly, they now have a path to follow. Think it, Ink it, Believe it, Achieve it.

A Sampling of topics covered by Dr. Polke:

  • (1) Leading in Tough Times.
  • (2) Preparing for and Embracing Change.
  • (3) Defeating Negative Environments.
  • (4) Growing Your Small Business.
  • (5) Conquering Your Fears.
  • (6) Marketing Your Business